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Additional information via Upworthy:

Oh, and just because it would be so wrong to leave a post this upsetting without some links to tools to help make things better, here is a link to the OK Cupid Predator Alert Tool, which is a browser extension for Chrome that adds a red flag to the profile of any person who has answered “yes” to one of the four questions asked in the study. Similar tools also exist for FetLife, Facebook, Lulu, and Bang With Friends. And don’t forget, there’s “no good excuse for not building sexual violence prevention tools into every social network on the Internet.” Learn more about how to support the Predator Alert Tools here.

Personally I think the OK Cupid Predator Alert is rad.

After Upworthy realized that the person who coded the Predator Alert Tools (me) isn’t well-liked by everyone and their mother, the post’s author (Rebecca Eisenberg) edited their post, removing all text and links about the Predator Alert Tools. The “additional information” quoted by jhames is the original version. It took Predator Alert Tool co-creator unquietpirate getting in touch with Rebecca Eisenberg personally over Twitter for her to grudgingly re-add mentions of (but no direct links to) Predator Alert Tool back to the Upworthy post. The new version (still live on Upworthy’s site) reads like the Predator Alert Tools are an afterthought, highlighting a common corruption: she cares more about her own reputation than in not censoring tools that help rape survivors.

The takeaway is that Upworthy is a commercial, profit-seeking company, one that’s in the same exact business—and uses the same exact business model—as the likes of Buzzfeed. John Oliver explains why that’s disturbing better than I can, and will make you laugh while he does it:

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